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When you’re a rising star, you want to let everyone know.

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Notability Partners is the leading New York based online branding and communication agency.  Our team will help you get noticed using several online services that boost your reputation, increase your visibility, and put you on top. 

We have a unique vision… and several closely-guarded trade secrets.

In 2015, founder Jordan French envisioned an agency focused exclusively on leveraging prominent search engine signals.  Signals that Google, Bing, Yahoo! pay attention to.  Crucial signals that you need to get noticed, now.

As executive editor of New York’s Grit Daily news outlet, he knows the exact strategies that smart companies use to get talked about.

When you’re a rising star, you want to let everyone know.

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We Put Your Name on Google’s sidebar

We add you to the Google Knowledge Graph so you show up like a celebrity anytime people search your name.

One-time cost: $1,199

We Add Your Company to Everipedia

We customize and submit your company listing to this growing directory, enhancing your credibility and SEO footprint.

One-time cost:


We Get Your Name  in National Press

Using our hundreds of media connections and agency contacts, we get you into the national press within days.


$1,199 and up




Today, it’s about influence.

More press.

More prestige.

More reputation.

Our PR team has worked for the most respected publications in the world.  And now, you can have us tell your story to millions of people.  Leverage our media power and our relationships.  Gone are the days of the generic press release.  Today, you need Notability.

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