Jordan French


Jordan French is a Fast 50 and Inc. 500 five-time serial entrepreneur and journalist. He is a columnist or regular contributor to Entrepreneur,, TechCrunch,, Huffington Post,, Outlier magazine, and Influencive. An engineer and intellectual-property attorney, he is the founding Chief Marketing Officer at BeeHex 3D food printing, co-founder of "AirBnB police" BNB Shield, founder of O'Dwyer-ranked Notability Partners, real-estate growth hacker and member-manager, board member and founding CEO/COO of "the reputation management firm to beat," First Page Management. French also served on the leadership team at FOWNDERS, the social-impact startup accelerator serving entrepreneurs internationally and based in Newark, New Jersey.

As CEO and COO Jordan French ranked his first company on the Inc. 500 and Fast 50 based on its growth from 2012 until he left in October 2015 to co-found 3D printing pioneer, BeeHex. He remains adviser, director and member-manager.

Jordan French was the founding PR director of philanthropic start-up, fitRaise. French represented the People of the United States as an attorney-adviser at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Office of Enforcement, in Washington, D.C, and, prior to that at a major patent litigation firm in Houston, Texas. He is a licensed attorney in New York and Massachusetts.

French worked as a payload engineer for NASA's Mars Gravity Biosatellite Program. He also worked on micro-electro-mechanical devices, Free Electron Laser beam delivery systems and on a XML bariatric Medical Intake Chair at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. French holds a degree in biomedical engineering from Vanderbilt University and his law degree from Washington University in St. Louis.

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